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Find League By Address

Search our entire league database for your address with one simple form.

Registration Integration

Seamless integration of online registration with League Athletics.
  • Boundary Maps

    A central location for storing searchable league boundaries and use with tournament affidavits. Various tools for use on your website or in print media.
    View League, District or Section boundaries. See the features list for more detail.

    Display schools within your boundary and search for nearby schools.

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  • Find My League

    Simply enter an address and our database will find the league that the address resides in. Useful for parents looking for leagues for their children, leagues that need to validate residency at registration and various other uses.
    See the features list for more detail about options available.

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  • Affidavit Maps

    Create affidavit maps with plotted players within a single boundary for most needs or with multiple boundaries for combined league all-star teams. Also, create a fully populated affidavit that you can save without needing Adobe Acrobat Professional.
    See the features list for more detail of the options available.

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  • Registration Plotting

    Plot all of your league's registration information to see where each and every player resides. This can assist leagues with identification of players that need to file regulation II(d) or regulation IV(h) forms and validate the residency requirements of each player.
    See the features list for more detail about options available.

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  • Affidavits
  • Boundaries
  • Plotting
  • League Populations

    Detailed age population breakdown for each league boundary based on the 2010 United States Census data.
    • Boundaries
  • Affidavit Maps

    Print plotted affidavit maps, fill out affidavits and player residency forms.
    • Affidavits
  • School Identification

    Display schools within your boundary and search for nearby schools.
    • Boundaries
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IMPORTANT NOTE: The boundaries found on this website are compiled by volunteers based upon publicly available information. THESE ARE NOT THE OFFICIAL, APPROVED BOUNDARIES as per Little League rules, on file with the Little League. For the official league boundaries, please contact the individual league for confirmation.

Mapped Boundaries

League Boundaries

State Boundaries
Alabama 15
Alaska 24
Alberta 17
Arizona 148
Arkansas 4
British Columbia 26
California - Northern 281
California - Southern 391
Colorado 22
Connecticut 67
Delaware 20
District of Columbia 6
Florida 204
Georgia 30
Hawaii 9
Idaho 20
Illinois 127
Indiana 132
Iowa 59
Kansas 5
Kentucky 68
Louisiana 19
Maine 4
Maryland 26
Massachusetts 10
Michigan 163
Minnesota 8
Mississippi 2
Missouri 2
Montana 26
Nebraska 7
Nevada 26
New Hampshire 4
New Jersey 104
New Mexico 30
New York 80
North Carolina 27
Ohio 7
Oklahoma 3
Ontario 19
Oregon 62
Pennsylvania 114
Rhode Island 10
Saskatchewan 2
South Carolina 5
South Dakota 2
Tennessee 5
Texas - East 177
Texas - West 152
Utah 4
Vermont 2
Virginia 57
Washington 131
West Virginia 20
Wisconsin 8
Wyoming 20